LUMA in 2016

I was checking out the site recently having just learned it was created by Michael Cohl, a legendary promoter and formerly the head of Live Nation. Iconic has some interesting projects that range from Alvin and Chipmunks Live to Spiderman, to An Evening with Al Pacino, and they manage touring productions for both arena, theater and films too. Merchandise is connected to some of the projects — and some of the projects like Pink Floyd, are specific only to merchandise.

I can see some parallels in my work and what Iconic is up to. In today’s world it isn’t enough to be a one trick pony, companies are looking for ways to cross promote in vertical markets to gain greater visibility and exposure. This is how we deliver content to a global audience at the

On stage we offer LUMA: Art in Darkness, a touring production that is celebrating 20 years, in merchandise we offer cool light up props, (like what is used in the show) plus a radically new product in the way of Slingerzz, a bio-mimicry coil lasso toy that has the potential to be as popular as the ball on a stick game, Kendama. From the Mind of Marlin there is also a television project “Out of the Box” on the history of toys, games and play, in film “Horror in Hawaii: Nobody is Immune”, a quirky genre bending sci-fi movie set in Hawaii, as well as Marlin’s cartoons and literary works. So it seems there may be some interesting synergies to explore further with Iconic.

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