LUMA: Life on the Road


We’ve just pulled into Lincoln, NE, on the way to our next show in Chippewa Falls, WI on April 11.

Our shows in Ft. Collins were at 87% capacity and Santa Fe opened their hearts to us and showed up enthusiastically and awarded us a standing ovation after the second show. A reviewer from Broadway World came to see the show and interviewed me. I haven’t seen the review yet, but she did say “the work is beautiful and original.”

Kids Shows

I wish I could have spent more time in Santa Fe to enjoy the art and culture, but we had two shows the next day in Las Vegas, NM (yes, there is a Las Vegas in New Mexico) so we were on the road again. The great thing about these shows were that they were in front of young kids as opposed to adults, which allows us to have a different kind of performance fun. Kids’ minds are blown by what we are doing, so much so that at the end when the cast bows we hear, “There are people?” The cast loves performing for school age kids because their response is unfiltered. We are hearing “ooohs” and “Whoa!”, “Cool” “that is so sick” and of the screams of joy throughout the performance.

We consistently fool kids and adults as well with this work because they think they are looking at a projection of some kind. Nothing like the looks on their faces once they learn the truth. A “how dare you fool me” look.

Driving Across Country

Driving has been the biggest challenge; I’m the designated driver for the entire trip. There are seven people whose lives depend upon me and that responsibility is mine alone, along with a co-pilot who helps with directions, finding gas and tuning in sounds as we go from one city to another.

We’ve crossed the Great Plains of Oklahoma and Kansas, where we stopped in Dodge City Kansas and saw how tourists have replaced the millions of buffalo who once roamed the city. We’re off to Chippewa Falls tomorrow for our April 11 show and have four shows in three towns back to back in including Madison, WI and Schaumberg, IL. It is going to be our biggest challenge as there are drives of several hours between each and early shows.

This is where the pros show their stuff, and the LUMA cast are pros!

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